An inevitable part of concealed carry is printing and learning how to avoid it. The result of gear and clothes that just aren’t working together, printing can ruin any concealed carrier’s day; but with a few tips and tricks, concealed carriers can escape the printing problem and be on the way to comfortable, successful concealment.

The term printing is a simple way of saying that the outline of the firearm is visible through clothes or the cover garment while concealed carrying. The goal of concealed carry is to keep the gun hidden from sight, so printing is problematic as it signals to those around you that there’s a gun in the midst.

Printing is often the result of clothes that are too tight or aren’t quite practical for concealed carry purposes. Whites tend to showcase a concealed gun more than darker clothes and skin-tight attire doesn’t leave much room to house a gun and holster; but there are other means to break up the outline of a gun and they don’t require wearing oversized sweatshirts. To ditch printing and better conceal carry your gun, try out some of these tips.

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