FAQs about Second Call Defense Protection

What are the risks of not having legal and financial protection?
You can be arrested for murder and bankrupted by legal fees. You can lose your home, savings, and personal property in a civil case. You can lose your job. You could spend years in jail. Without a proper legal defense and the money to pay for it, you could literally lose everything.

Why would I be in trouble for protecting myself?
It happens all the time. Self defense is not always black and white and not everyone understands the reality of self defense. For example, what if you shoot an attacker, and the moment you pull the trigger, he turns so that a bullet goes into his back? What if you’re being beaten by three teenagers, you shoot, and one shot kills a 14-year old? What if an anti-gun prosecutor hopes to get publicity for convicting you?

Won’t a public defender keep me out of jail?
Public defenders are usually competent and honorable people. But they don’t always understand firearms or the use of lethal force in self defense. And their resources and time are very limited, which means even with the best of intentions, they can’t provide the robust defense you may need. Something else to consider: the money available for a public defender comes from the State, the same State that is prosecuting you!

Will my homeowners policy protect me?
No. Most homeowners policies specifically exclude coverage for injury or damage intentionally caused by the insured. If your policy includes a “reasonable force” exception, you may have a certain amount of liability coverage, but the law prevents an insurance company from offering coverage for any illegal activity. In other words, you are considered the defendant and ineligible for any insurance coverage until you prove your innocence using the affirmative defense of self defense.

I have an “umbrella” liability policy. Is that enough protection?
No. It is against the law for any insurance company to insure you against illegal actions you may commit. If you are charged with a crime, your umbrella policy will not protect you. An umbrella policy may provide coverage for civil liability, but since civil suits generally follow criminal suits, you are unlikely to be covered.

My state has Castle Doctrine, so can I be charged with a crime?
In any shooting, you can be charged with a crime depending on the specifics of the case. Castle Doctrine protects the right of self defense in your home, but does not protect you from arrest and prosecution if authorities decide you did something wrong. Likewise, “no retreat” or “stand your ground” laws do little more than eliminate the requirement for you to prove you could not safely retreat before using your firearm.

What sort of firearms can I use?
All of them, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns of all makes, models, and calibers. If it’s classified as a “firearm” and it’s legal to own, your membership protects you should you be forced to use it in legitimate self defense.

What about knives or other weapons used in self defense?
YES We provide protection for use of all weapons. We understand it is impossible to predict the infinite number of ways you may be forced to defend yourself, for that reason we protect you no matter what legal weapon you choose to use to protect you and your family, Second Call Defense has been specifically designed to protect you from the unknown, whatever the situation demands.

Does Second Call Defense discriminate in its membership admission process?
No. At Second Call Defense, our core mission is to provide legal protection to anyone who is forced to use lethal force in self defense. We believe that the U.S. Constitution, the Civil Rights Amendments, particularly the protections found in the Second Amendment, and services provided by Second Call Defense apply to everyone regardless of gender, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status, or military status. Second Call Defense is committed to providing the most comprehensive legal protection anywhere, to anyone.

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