Protecting gun owners is our mission

We believe in Self-Defense

We believe deeply in the Second Amendment and the natural right of every citizen to self defense and the defense of loved ones. However, even though most states now allow you to own, use, and carry weapons for personal protection, you continue to face dramatic and potentially devastating consequences for doing what you have a legal right to do.

After years of extensive research, we discovered that there was little or no support offered for those who use a legal weapon to survive an attack. Most of what we found was little more than limited compensation after your trial is over, and only if you win.

In other words, the moment you use a weapon in self defense, even in your own home, you’re on your own.

That’s why we created Second Call Defense – the first membership organization in America to offer immediate, comprehensive, nationwide, 24-hour support for all weapon owners who are forced to defend themselves or their family with a legal weapon.

It is managed exclusively by Second Amendment advocates and gun rights defense attorneys who carry weapons for protection every day. When you are forced to defend yourself with a legal weapon, your first call should be to 911. Your second call should be to Second Call Defense.

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*Second Call Defense is not insurance and does not sell or promote insurance products.  Second Call Defense is a membership organization that provides its members access to the “Second Amendment Support Foundation, Inc.,” which provides the means necessary to protect Second Call Defense members from the legal aftermath of exercising their right to self-defense. For an overview of the differences between Second Call Defense Member Benefits and traditional insurance, click here