The Second Call Defense Advantage

Not all legal and financial self-defense membership plans are created equal. So what makes the best CCW insurance?
Second Call Defense offers the following advantages:

Immediate Cash for Attorneys and Bail Bonds

Second Call Defense provides immediate financial support for legal representation, bail bonds and other expenses, rather than a reimbursement plan that leaves members initially responsible for payments.


No Repayment or Deductible

Members do not face the burden of deductibles or the expectation of repayment for the financial assistance they receive.

Coverage for Use of ANY Weapon

The attacker(s) sets the time and place of his assault, meaning you must use the weapon available to you at that time – it might be a kitchen knife, a rock, a vehicle or your hands. Second Call Defense extends coverage to the use of any weapon, not just firearms, giving members greater flexibility and coverage.

Coverage ANY Type of Attacker

Keep in mind that not all assailants are human. Our members are protected against claims related to self-defense situations involving animals (e.g., an attacking dog).

Civil AND Criminal Defense Coverage

All our membership plans cover legal defense for BOTH criminal and civil cases, not every plan does (read the fine print!).

Up to Unlimited Legal Defense Coverage

Second Call Defense offers extensive legal defense coverage with the option for unlimited civil protection. Not all legal defense plans offer this type of generous coverage.

In-House Legal Counsel with Criminal Defense Expertise

Second Call Defense was created from the ground up by a defense attorneys who understand the value of immediate legal guidance from the moment the need arises. Second Call Defense employs in-house legal counsel to ensure members receive immediate legal guidance throughout the entire legal process.

Proven Process for Matching Counsel to Members

Second Call Defense has a proven process for matching members with the best  legal counsel for their specific situation, across all U.S. jurisdictions.