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Thousands of Americans like you trust Second Call Defense to have their back when it counts the most!

While mowing grass one Sunday morning, the neighborhood dope dealer started a confrontation with me about the noise. He saw my firearm hanging on a fence post and called the cops, saying I had ‘pulled’ a gun on him. It was all a complete lie, but a young officer showed up, arrested me, and threw me in jail. I contacted Second Call Defense, they found a nearby lawyer, and within hours I was out of jail with all charges dismissed. And I even got my gun back. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Everyone was courteous and friendly and right on top of everything. I didn’t have to lift a finger, they took care of me and had my back when I needed it!
– Bob P., Kentucky

A man threatened me in my own front yard and, fearing for my life, I drew my pistol. I was able to get inside my home and call 911 without shooting. I was really shaken up and when the police arrived, they acted as if I did something wrong. But I had just joined Second Call Defense and the attorney on the Emergency Legal Hotline helped me calm down and say the right things. The officer went from irritated to friendly and everything turned out okay. Thank you! You had my back immediately just as you promised.
– Dan B., Ohio

I’ve seen people prosecuted because they tried to help the police and made statements under stress that hurt them at trial, or just because they defended themselves in a jurisdiction where the police/prosecutor is hostile toward self-defense rights. Whatever the reason, Second Call is the answer. I don’t leave home without a gun, and I don’t carry a gun without Second Call Defense.
– Jim Irvine

I was very disappointed to learn that my homeowner’s policy with a major insurance company that we’ve used for almost 20 years would not cover any of my legal costs if I needed to use a firearm to defend my own life or the life of my loved ones within my own home. Second Call Defense gives me the reassurance that I’ll have legal protection should I ever need it.
– Jason Mihalick, Ohio Liberty Coalition

I joined Second Call Defense because I know somebody’s got my 6. I may survive my defensive gun usage but now my family and I have to survive the immediate and prolonged legal aftermath; we can’t go that alone.
– Scott Seibert, Airline Pilot

I have carried a firearm to defend my life, and the lives of my loved ones for some time. I always thought having our lives was good enough. As I’ve gained wisdom, I’ve also gained an appreciation for our quality of life. I now strive to preserve both! My firearm will defend our lives. Second Call Defense will help preserve it. Having Second Call Defense has given me the confidence I need to defend my family. Knowing someone has my back makes all the difference!
– Aaron Kirkingburg, Dillon Sportsman Center

Becoming a member of Second Call Defense just makes common sense. As a responsible law abiding citizen, I carry a firearm for self defense. I now have the peace of mind knowing that if I am forced to defend myself or my loved ones with a firearm, I will have the legal and financial resources available.
– Angela Armstrong

I received the packet. My card is my wallet. The emergency number is posted inside our kitchen cabinet. I once had to run an intruder out of my house at gun point. Thank God, I didn’t have to shoot him! I pray that situation never happens again, but I feel much better prepared if it does and I feel better protected legally with your service.
– Doug Lewis, Ultimate Member

Glad to be a member. We have long thought of this type of protection as we watch the news and those condemned for protecting themselves, but never had an idea that it existed until we started seeing the ads in Rifleman. We live in a remote area … in a private community of about 200 people living on 5 acre parcels. We have cougars, black bears and feral dogs around, plus occasionally some two legged varmints as employment drops and they break into homes and cars. And, the goings on in Ferguson, MO really got our attention!
– Herb Renner, Navy Veteran

I looked all over and the best plan out there today is Second Call Defense. Members are constantly informed about changing legalities. And you’re covered for potential financial ramifications should you have to use your weapon.
– Vincent Hunter, Texas

I can’t believe how much better I feel since signing up with Second Call Defense. I had always worried about confrontation and the possible repercussions. The plan I chose for myself suited me perfectly and would protect me both financially and legally. I have referred my family and friends to Second Call Defense and know that at least two of them have joined up.
– Benjamin Carpenter, Georgia

Individual police officers have different attitudes toward armed citizens, as does every police department in the country. Then you have the prosecutors in the local district attorney’s office. If any of these offices or individuals are hostile to private firearm ownership, or your right to carry, you are in serious jeopardy. You are an easy target for an official seeking promotion, election, or re-election. Don’t forget the possibility of civil action against you, either. In those circumstances, your first, best protection is Second Call Defense. Legal use of a firearm may save your life. Second Call Defense will save everything else that makes life worth living.
– Ross Martinek, Illinois

After I obtained my CCW, it was made apparent that I not only had to protect myself physically against violence but I had to protect my family and I against any liability that might arise from a self defense altercation. After I talked to one of the Second Call Defense managers, signing up was a no-brainer. This coverage relieves a lot of pressure that responsible citizens may come up against.
– Ken Nelson, New Mexico

After searching around at other legal plans, I landed on Second Call Defense because it is the most comprehensive and assuring membership I could locate. Last weekend, I faced a situation that involved me having to brandish my weapon and the first thought I had was “Where is my Second Call Defense card???” I felt extremely confident knowing it was in my pocket, right next to my CCW permit. Nothing came of the situation … thankfully, but I was at ease knowing you all would literally be my “second call.” Thanks for the peace of mind!
– Alex April, Missouri

Many people mistakenly believe their Homeowners and Umbrella insurances cover a defense situation, and even my own insurance company gave me the wrong advice on this point. A friend of mine showing, but not firing, a gun to prevent a violent attack had to spend $5,000 in legal fees and much time to avoid drastic penalties. He didn’t have Second Call Defense then, but he does now!
– Lloyd Thomas, Florida

I joined out of fear of what could happen if I defended myself. I first joined another program but my computer did not have room enough for all the E-mails they dumped on me! I hope I never need you, but I’m keeping you!
– Ted Brown, Florida

When one chooses to possess or carry a firearm, there is always the likelihood that one might have to use it … unfortunately, overzealous prosecutors who may want to score political points may not care that you’ve used your gun in defense of your life or the lives of others, and defense costs can be so prohibitive that jail winds up your only option. Second Call Defense is there to make sure that doesn’t happen. Your life is a terrible thing to waste so don’t leave home w/o it.
– Morris Kanowitz, Nevada

When considering various options similar to Second Call Defense, I did a lot of reading and comparison and found Second Call Defense offered the best range of choices, was very flexible on changing between plans, and offered the best overall value combined with superior customer service.
– John Geniuch, Washington

I have a nephew that is currently going through a long legal battle over brandishing his weapon. He was being physically threatened and simply pulled his legally carried gun out of his holster and kept it pointed at the ground. The police were called and the other guy lied. Now it’s all up to the courts. I know that my nephew wishes that he had this protection. So for piece of mind my wife and I are very happy to be members of Second Call Defense.
– Alton Wilds, Arizona

I first learned of Second Call Defense in an ad I saw last year. As a 60-year-old living alone I’ve always been prepared to defend myself at home and out in public, so it seemed liked your protection was crucial. Then at the 2014 convention I found your booth and talked at length to your representative. I signed up on the spot and never looked back. Now I am protected not only by the 2nd Amendment but by Second Call Defense as well.
– Stephen Wisher, Indiana

Getting Second Call Defense is the best option out there. Not only do you get top notch service. You get training material & valuable information. Getting this service is easy & affordable. The membership card is a now a part of my EDC.
– Jeff Oppenheim, California

I have car insurance, I have home owners insurance, I have health insurance, and I have life insurance. I have a permit to carry. Why would I put everything I have insured at risk, after using a firearm in defense?
– David Bloom, Ohio

There have been many incidents of home invasion here in Indianapolis, people getting robbed at gunpoint, in grocery stores, bank robberies and car jackings. People will sue you for getting shot in your own home. It is necessary to have good legal representation in any shooting incident. Enough said!
– Gary Pratt, Indiana

Becoming a member of Second Call Defense has given my family the peace of mind that we will not be alone if God forbid we are ever forced to use our weapon in a self defense situation. It will allow you to focus solely on surviving a deadly encounter not the financial fears of the legal system.
– James Crnich, Illinois

As a former law enforcement officer I have always supported the right of the citizen to carry concealed. With a concealed carry permit come many great responsibilities. One of which is the responsibility to both yourself and your family and that is of liability. Should one ever have to use that weapon one may have to legally defend themselves both criminally and civilly. After much research, Second Call Defense is my choice. The protection and the benefits they provide is and are certainly worth having. To risk your entire future and the future of your loved ones … well … it’s a no-brainer.
– Robert Wortmann, North Carolina

I teach Concealed Carry classes in Louisiana. I tell every class that should they be involved in a defensive shooting situation, that they may very well be handcuffed, arrested and possibly prosecuted for a perfectly justifiable shooting, whether deadly or not. Even in not found guilty criminally, they would most likely be sued by either the person shot or his family. It is much easier to be found liable in a civil suit than to be found guilty in a criminal case. Protection from the complete loss of your finances is available from Second Call Defense. Your purchase is your defense against financial ruin.
– Roger Crawley, Louisiana

I switched to Second Call Defense from another coverage provider. The fact that SCD has someone on-call 24/7 to help me through a terrible situation gives me great comfort. My other coverage required me to go find my own attorney ahead of time, and write his info down on their card (which would probably get rubbed off over time). I advise anyone who owns a firearm to use SCD. We all have insurance to cover us in case of other terrible events (illness, auto accident, home disaster, etc.), we should definitely cover ourselves in case we have to protect a life with our firearm.
– Carlton Dodd, Illinois

If, God forbid, it ever becomes necessary to use my firearm, I don’t want to make it through the fight only to face a worse fate – life in prison – because of a lousy criminal defense. Second Call Defense is my only way of providing a decent defense. I chose Second Call Defense over others because of the “we’ll handle it” benefits – they coordinate bail, expert witnesses, etc. Other providers only provide a loan for criminal defense. Also, the low cost and ease of adding my wife was another stand-out benefit.
– Ezekiel Jarvis, Ohio

My oldest son is a police officer and encouraged my wife and I to get our CHLs years ago. After recently purchasing our Second Call Defense he is satisfied that we are “now” fully protected.
– Michael Padrutt, Texas

For me, the single most important benefit of membership in Second Call Defense is knowing that I or my wife are one phone call away from a Rapid Response Team. Both of us are licensed to carry concealed. We have a lot to lose financially if we would ever have to defend ourselves in a self defense shooting. Before I became a member of Second Call Defense and added my wife for the extremely low cost of $5.00, I would always have the concern of what to do, who to call, what to or not to say after a shooting incident. Now I know, call 911 first and next Second Call Defense. Thank you for the low cost of peace of mind protection.
– Dave Spillar, Ohio

In comparing the benefits between different organizations, Second Call Defense offered more bang for my buck (pun intended). Better coverage, more options, more benefits should they become needed. Second Call Defense was the only company that included mental health coverage. Anyone who has become involved in a traumatic event such as a self defense incident will most certainly need someone safe to talk to.
– Lori Crabb, Kansas

I am glad I purchased Second Call Defense for a number of reasons. I know if I am forced into using my weapon, I will have the backing I need to continue with a “normal ” life. Not only because of the legal help, but the psychological aspect as well; what with the ability to receive counseling to help cope with the fact that you have shot and probably killed another person or persons. Also, I really like the fact that 2nd call will help me recover my weapon from the police after the legal process has completed.
– John Smith, Indiana

I joined Second Call Defense because not only am I responsible for protecting myself and my loved ones from physical threat, but I am also responsible for protecting our estate and everything that we have worked for all our lives. After much research, I elected SCD because I appreciate the unlimited civil suit protection and the financial support aspect. I have told all my gun owning friends to go with SCD because getting the Concealed Carry Permit is only one step to insure life. How will you insure your families’ financial safety? We work hard for everything we have and for an undeserving criminal and their family to take it all away is just infuriating. Protect yourself.
– Joel Bonilla, Nebraska

My family are new immigrants to the US, having moved from New Zealand. We have chosen to get our CCW and carry not just for our own personal peace of mind, but also as an extension of our civic duty to make our new home as safe a place as possible. We hope that we NEVER have have to draw our weapons in defense of ourselves (or others), but if we should then Second Call Defense gives us peace of mind that we have legal assistance at hand … very cheap peace of mind.
– Ken Greer, Utah

Once my wife completed her training, she knew that as a family, we needed the right type of protection if I ever had to use my weapon. Let me emphasize one thing, being on constant alert and aware of your surroundings will keep you safe. But you must have that additional assurance that you have an organization that is always a phone call away to help. Bottom line, I would never be caught carrying a gun legally without Second Call Defense.
– Jim Crowder, California

I chose Second Call Defense because I travel and different jurisdictions may not be gun friendly, and I want to have the ability to get experienced lawyers and expert witnesses to represent me if I’m involved in a shooting incident. I carry insurance on my car, home and life, why not have protection for legal protection from anti-gun prosecutors.
– Jerry Bortner, Ohio

I’m retired and work part time for a Sheriff’s office two days a week. There are a lot of misconceptions out there that can destroy your life. You must know how to react before and after you pull the trigger. These folks at Second Call Defense are the best of the best when protecting you in a self defense situation. You wouldn’t want a general practitioner to perform heart surgery on you? Go to people who specialize in the type of defense you will need.
– Robert Coleman, Ohio

After the George Zimmerman case in Florida, I started to question what would happen in the event of a self-defense shooting. This led me to the conclusion that even in a justified shooting, the legal process could easily cause me to lose everything I have and the entirety of my family’s financial security would be lost in an instant. I like the fact that your staff are professionals. Another big factor is that you folks are not selling or pushing other products. There are no secondary agendas as with some other outfits. I do not get ‘spammed.’ I get my membership with no hassles, straight up … This is all you do and you seem to do it very well.
– Mark Kraemer, Florida

The reason I chose Second Call defense was because my class instructor who was a top Illinois State police officer told us that when you have a problem you need protection because every shooting is a crime and in his professional opinion Second Call Defense was above and beyond the others.
– George Winchell, Illinois

I was with a previous membership plan before, however, heard about Second Call Defense during a Carry Permit class. After researching it, I thought although it cost more, the benefits were much better. I like the one phone call, not having to look up a lawyer. The coverage plans are very good also and I can pick what I can afford.
– Michael Gorga, California

Second Call Defense covers multiple U.S. States, not just your resident state. The disregard for life and authority as we saw in Ferguson, Mo. and the world terrorist that are trying to infiltrate our country, and a news media that wants to demonize gun owners, I decided to sign up myself and my wife with Second Call Defense. It would be traumatic enough to just be involved in a shooting incident protecting yourself and others around you. Then you will get hit again by those who hate guns and gun owners. A minimum of a double-whammy.
– Bill Stillwell, Florida

As a husband and veteran, protecting my family and my fellow Americans is foremost in my mind at all times. In order to obtain a CCW in Illinois I attended a handgun class given by a very professional and competent instructor. During this class the instructor talked about the need for an added level of security in the event I was ever forced to use my handgun. The instructor gave examples of several companies who offered these services, and after comparison Second Call Defense was the hands-down favorite. Thanks for the peace of mind you provide.
– Paul Whitmer, Illinois

I am an investigator, police officer, and supporter of all responsible citizen’s right to bear arms. Please accept my full endorsement of your product. I have the Ultimate Membership through Second Call Defense and would not carry my gun on or off duty without it. Failing to plan … is planning to fail! Thank you for your protection.
– Kyle Weygandt, Ohio

Please do not think about carrying without this protection. Your prices and protection were better than the others. I did have another plan ,but dropped it and went to Second Call Defense.
– Carl Willcock, Pennsylvania

I have recommended Second Call Defense to many of my friends. Its a comforting feeling knowing someone has your back in the world we are relegated to live in. I plan on being a member for life. I’d rather have you and not need your services than need your help and not have it!!
– Wayne Lange, Tennessee

I have always worried about the aftermath if I ever had to defend myself and had looked at protection from others. I chose Second Call Defense because of the extra benefits not provided by the others. I know if I should have to defend myself with a firearm, with SCD I also have someone to defend me. Thanks to all at Second Call Defense and keep up the good work.
– Stan Chaney, Virginia

I have Second Call Defense based on instructor recommendations and reviews. It’s priced right, more importantly, available service and coverage seems to be better than other similar offerings.
– John Giometti, Illinois

I am a former law enforcement office and firearms instructor. I have had Second Call Defense for some time now and am glad I do. I tell everyone I know who carries a gun that they need this program. It is as essential as home insurance or car insurance, or even life insurance. I highly recommend it.
– Lee Braddock, Colorado

Second Call Defense gives me the peace of mind so I now carry all the time. At 72 one can’t defend themselves as well as when you are in your 30’s to 40’s. Plus it is a fact that older people are easy targets. Thank You Second Call Defense for peace of mind. I sleep much better now.
– Ron Unangst, Illinois

Second Call Defense has put my mind at ease. With the recent riots in Baltimore and the numerous incidents around the global, it’s reassuring to know that Second Call Defense is there for me and my wife.
– Kelly Wilson, New Mexico

I joined Second Call Defense because I want to know that if I ever have to use my firearm for self defense, or defense of another, that I will have instant legal assistance in one phone call. I pray that I will never have to use my firearm against another person, but should that day come I know that Second Call Defense will be there and I will not have to go through the inevitable investigation by law enforcement alone. This is a peace of mind that is priceless.
– James Tanner, Ohio

My concealed carry class instructor, a retired Marine and former police officer and district attorney inspector, told us: “Every bullet you fire has a civil lawsuit written on it – make sure you protect yourself legally before you carry!” Because of his vast background and experience as a law-enforcement officer, I sought out the best defense I could find. That’s why I chose Second Call Defense.
– Dave Schwind, California

I chose Second Call Defense because I trust in them and I like the idea that there is NO out of pocket cost if you have to call them. It’s really simple, they give you a hard plastic card to carry with you with a phone number in case you were involved in a self defense shooting. I have looked at other companies who carry self defense protection and I looked at plenty before choosing Second Call Defense. I highly recommend them. They are friendly people to talk to if you have any questions. I know I will be a Second Call Defense member for life.
– Jeff Main, Illinois

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