Self-Defense – How it works

It’s not like the movies. Self defense is fast, brutal, and terrifying!

It’s 3 a.m. You and your wife are asleep. Your children are down the hall. Suddenly, you hear a crash. It sounds like a window being broken downstairs. Then you hear voices.

bad guy deadA group of intruders is in your house!

They’re moving through your home and coming closer. You grab the gun you keep in the nightstand. You want to wake your wife and secure your children. But seconds later, a man appears at your bedroom door. He lunges at you.

You have no choice. You aim the gun and fire multiple times. The man drops to the floor. Now your wife is screaming in terror. Your children run out of their room crying.

You pick up the phone to call 911. Your heart is racing. You begin to feel ill from the massive amount of adrenalin in your bloodstream. The 911 operators answers, “911. What is your emergency?”

You quickly tell the operator that men broke into your home and one tried to attack you. You say a man is shot and you need the police and an ambulance.

Now what? You know you had no choice, but will the police see it that way? What will you say? What should you NOT say? Will you be arrested? Is there an aggressive prosecutor in your area who doesn’t like people owning guns? Can you afford a lawyer if charges are brought against you?

You feel completely alone and helpless. You survived the physical attack and protected yourself and your family, but how will you survive the aftermath?

It happens all the time. Honest, law-abiding citizens find themselves thrust into a terrifying life-or-death situation. And even though the law in most places allows you to defend yourself, every case is determined by the specifics of each individual situation.

One wrong word. One bit of evidence that doesn’t look right to investigators. And you can find yourself under arrest facing criminal and civil prosecution.

Bottom line: You need someone on your side BEFORE it happens, because you won’t have time after the fact. The legal and financial penalties could destroy your life.

As a member of Second Call Defense, you are ready to handle any self defense situation. We stand by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide assistance and give you access to the legal and financial protection you need to deal with police properly and defend your rights. And your membership entitles you to a comprehensive set of services for legal defense and peace of mind.

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