Self-defense Insurance: What is it and why you need it 

You’ve made the decision to carry a weapon for self-defense, a choice that comes with both responsibilities and risks. While the decision to protect yourself and your loved ones is a noble one, you may not have initially realized the many risks you have now assumed.

Insurance is a common tool for mitigating and sharing risks. We insure our homes, personal property, vehicles, health and even our lives. It only seems logical for someone who carries a concealed firearm for self-defense to seek insurance coverage. However, it’s important to note that concealed carry weapon (CCW) “insurance” is anything but traditional insurance.

In this article, we will provide an overview of the differences between traditional, regulated insurance products and legal defense membership benefits designed for individuals who carry firearms for self-defense – commonly referred to as CCW insurance.

Overview of Traditional Insurance

Traditional insurance is a heavily regulated industry that offers financial protection against various risks. Common insurance policy types include homeowners insurance, car insurance, life insurance, healthcare insurance. Businesses may have business interruption insurance, professional liability insurance and other types. In the United States, insurance is regulated at the state level.

Key features of traditional insurance include:

  • Premiums.  Policyholders pay regular premiums, typically monthly or annually, to maintain coverage.
  • Reimbursement of Experienced Losses.  Traditional insurance reimburses policyholders for incurred losses, such as car damage due to hail or roof repairs after a storm. The purpose of insurance is to protect the insured (the policyholder) against real losses. Before traditional insurance pays out, an actual loss must be evidenced.
  • Deductibles. Most traditional insurance policies have deductibles, which are out-of-pocket expenses that policyholders must pay before the insurance coverage kicks in. 
  • Rate Changes.  Insurance premiums can change over time, often influenced by factors like claims history, location and the insured item’s value.

Why Self-defense “Insurance” is not Insurance

CCW “insurance” differs significantly from traditional insurance in several key ways:

  1. Legal Defense Services, Not Loss Reimbursement.  Although providers of legal defense services commonly refer to their products as “insurance,” they are not really selling a regulated insurance product. When you purchase CCW insurance, you are typically paying a membership fee to an organization that will provide legal defense services and/or access to legal counsel. You are paying a monthly membership fee for access to legal defense services, should you need it.
  2. Members, Not Insured.  People who purchase legal defense plans are Members of the legal defense plan, while individuals who purchase insurance policies are Policyholders or the Insured.
  3. Membership Fees, Not Premiums. Instead of traditional premiums, members of legal defense plans (i.e., CCW insurance) pay a monthly or annual membership fee.
  4. No Application Process.  People who join a legal defense plan  (CCW insurance) do not have to complete a complex application, subject themselves to an invasive background check or otherwise be “rated” as a risk. Depending on the type of policy, your insurance premium may be based on a variety of risk factors outside of your control.
  5. Psychological Element.CCW insurance or self-defense legal protection plans often include psychological support, recognizing the emotional toll legal proceedings can take on individuals involved in self-defense incidents as well as the effects of post-traumatic stress.
  6. Training Element.Many CCW protection plans provide access to training resources to help members better understand self-defense laws and improve their skills.

The Second Call Defense Advantage 

Not all legal defense plans are created equal, and Second Call Defense offers you these advantages:

  • In-House Legal Counsel with Criminal Defense Expertise. Second Call Defense was created from the ground up by defense attorneys who understand the value of immediate legal guidance from the moment the need arises. We employ in-house legal counsel to ensure members receive immediate legal guidance throughout the entire legal process, just by making their second call, after the 911 call, to Second Call Defense. 
  • Immediate Cash for Attorneys and Bail Bonds. Second Call Defense provides immediate financial support for legal representation, bail bonds and other expenses, rather than a reimbursement plan that leaves members initially responsible for payments.  
  • No Repayment or Deductible. Members do not face the burden of deductibles or the expectation of repayment for the financial assistance they receive. 
  • Coverage for Use of ANY Weapon. The attacker(s) sets the time and place of his assault, meaning you must use the weapon available to you at that time – it might be a kitchen knife, a rock, a vehicle or your hands. Second Call Defense extends coverage to the use of any weapon, not just firearms, giving members greater flexibility and coverage.  
  • Coverage ANY type of attacker. Keep in mind that not all assailants are human. Our members are protected against claims related to self-defense situations involving animals (e.g., an attacking dog).  
  • Civil AND Criminal Defense Coverage. All our membership plans cover legal defense for BOTH criminal and civil cases, not every plan does (read the fine print!).  
  • Up to Unlimited Legal Defense Coverage. Second Call Defense offers extensive legal defense coverage with the option for unlimited civil protection. Not all legal defense plans offer this type of generous coverage.  
  • Proven Process for Matching Counsel to Members. Second Call Defense has a proven process for matching members with the best legal counsel for their specific situation, across all U.S. jurisdictions.

We offer the most comprehensive legal protection for armed self-defense with immediate up-front legal protection ​with nothing out of pocket, ​nothing to repay​. 


In summary, while traditional insurance products and CCW legal defense membership benefits both aim to mitigate risks, they differ significantly in their structure and scope. A Second Call Defense membership offers immediate financial support that you don’t have to pay back, psychological assistance and training elements that traditional insurance does not provide.

We Got Your Back! Join Second Call Defense today and get our rapid response team with 24-hour emergency legal hotline on your side. Upon receiving your membership, you have access to immediate financial support, immediate bond to get you out of jail as quickly as possible, immediate attorney retainer, so you have your attorney working by your side when you need it most, psychological support and so much more.

We protect your livelihood, so you can protect your life.

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