What happens if your CCW insurance provider sues you?  

Carrying a concealed firearm for self-defense comes with a significant amount of responsibility. Not only in handling the firearm but also in understanding the legal ramifications of its use. Whether you carry without a permit in a permit-less carry state or with an issued permit, if you use your firearm in a self-defense situation, it may expose you to serious legal issues.  

If you are involved in a self-defense encounter, without an expert legal defense, you risk spending time in jail with real criminals, having your freedom being taken away by an anti-gun prosecutor, or losing your financial wealth from a spurious civil lawsuit. Regardless of the circumstances, if you are involved in a self-defense situation, having access to experienced legal counsel, financial support, psychological support, and other benefits is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity.  

Legal defense services for concealed carry, like those provided by Second Call Defense, provide invaluable legal services, financial protection and other support that is critical after a self-defense incident. 

But what happens when your CCW insurance provider wants back the money it spent on your legal defense?  

We Got Your Back 

Although commonly known as “CCW Insurance,” and “self-defense insurance”… legal defense plans like those offered by Second Call Defense, are not true insurance products, which are regulated by state governments. We are an organization that provides financial, legal, and psychological support and training benefits to our Members. That is an important distinction because although it is illegal to insure for criminal acts, everyone who defends their life with deadly force is entitled to a vigorous defense. 

There have been some relatively high-profile cases of CCW insurance providers seeking to recoup, or “claw-back,”amounts they paid on behalf of defending a Member, because the Member plead guilty to a lesser charge or was found guilty of a crime related to a self-defense incident.  

Second Call Defense has NEVER clawed back from a Member the money we spent in defending them. The reason is simple – if you are involved in a self-defense encounter, then you are entitled to a legal defense, period. This ensures you can focus on your legal defense without worrying about the financial repercussions or cutting back on expert witnesses or counseling to save money. 

“Becoming a member of Second Call Defense has given my family the peace of mind that we will not be alone if God forbid we are ever forced to use our weapon in a self defense situation. It will allow you to focus solely on surviving a deadly encounter not the financial fears of the legal system.” 
– James Crnich, Illinois 

A Real Second Call Defense Success Story 

The following is an account of an actual self-defense situation involving a Second Call Defense Member. 

On a cold January evening, a Second Call Defense Member stopped by a convenience store to pick up dinner from a food truck in the parking lot. While sitting in his SUV counting out his money for dinner, two men approached his vehicle. The Member already feeling uneasy, made sure his concealed 9mm pistol was in reach. One of the two men asked if the Member could jump start his car. Recognizing it was a cold evening and wanting to be a good Samaritan, the Member obliged.  

Upon parking adjacent to the supposedly disabled vehicle, the Member reached for jumper cables out of the back of his SUV when he was hit violently on the head. He instantly knew he was in an ambush. Upon turning around, he saw a handgun pointed at him and muzzle flashes. The Member immediately drew his own pistol and fired two shots at the assailant, hitting him squarely. After seeing what happened to his partner, the other attacker ran off. Fortunately, our Member was not hit by the gunman’s fire. 

The Second Call Defense Member immediately called 911 and waited inside the convenience store for the police to arrive. Once the police arrived, they started to assess the scene but also handcuffed the Member and put him in the back of a police van, leaving him alone and isolated.  

After some time, the police came back and took him to the station for questioning. At the station, our Member called Second Call Defense and was connected immediately to an attorney who consulted him privately and stayed on the phone during his interview with police. After finishing the questioning, they released him a free man without any charges.  

“Even though I live in a Constitutional Carry where citizens don’t need a permit to carry a concealed weapon, I am glad I decided to get training anyway. My firearms instructor recommended that I join Second Call Defense, and I am eternally grateful to him that I did.” 
– Second Call Defense Member 

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Second Call Defense played a vital role in this real-life situation. We expert legal counsel helped keep our member free from spending the night in jail with real criminals and avoiding criminal charges.   

Preserving Personal and Financial Freedom   

Even though our member incurred thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, he didn’t have to pay a dime more than his low monthly membership fee. Defending yourself legally can be a significant financial burden. Not only are there expenses for the attorneys and bail, but there may be expenses for investigators, expert witnesses, and additional legal fees that are not expected.  

Attorney fees for self-defense, especially if it is criminal charges and it goes to trial, may easily exceed $100,000. Keep in mind, that is just the criminal aspect. If a person involved in a self-defense situation is not criminally charged, they may still face a wrongful death civil lawsuit by the perpetrator’s family. Again, depending on if it goes to trial or settled, attorney fees can easily go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

No Claw Backs. Ever.  

Second Call Defense is committed to supporting our Members throughout the entirety of their legal battles following a self-defense incident. Never have we asked Members to pay back legal expenses. This means that once Second Call Defense has provided financial assistance for legal defenses, bail or other related expenses, we will never sue our own Members to repay costs. This ensures that Members can focus on their legal challenges without worrying about the financial repercussions of their defense.  

Join Second Call Defense Today 

Don’t leave your safety and legal protection to chance. Become a Member of Second Call Defense today and gain peace of mind knowing you have expert legal defense, comprehensive coverage, and a community that supports responsible concealed carry and self-defense.  

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With a 100% success rate in defending our Members with nothing to repay, ever.