Oklahoma legislators are discussing a change to the state’s gun laws that would redefine what constitutes as self-defense.

Oklahoma lawmakers are currently in discussions to amend the state’s gun laws, with a proposed bill that would redefine the criteria for self-defense. Despite existing laws that already permit the use of physical and deadly force under the “castle doctrine” and “stand your ground” laws, House Bill 2049 aims to expand the definition of a dwelling to include any area of private property.

Representative David Hardin of Stillwell, who supports the bill, said, “It’s a simple bill – on your property, if you feel that your life is threatened, you have the right to protect yourself.” The proposed expansion comes at a time when Oklahoma residents are advocating for stronger gun laws.

However, other lawmakers are concerned about the ambiguity of this proposed expansion, and where to draw the line when it comes to protecting one’s property. “There’s one thing to say you’re protecting your castle, it’s another to say ‘now I’m protecting the green grass,'” noted Representative Regina Goodwin of Tulsa.

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