At Work, as You Drive, and at Home – More Self Defense Gun Stories

by Rob Morse

You didn’t see it in the news, but again this week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor David Cole joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or were they well trained?

These victims survived lethal attacks because they had a gun..and training.

First story – Do you have a gun nearby at home?
You’re a 44 year old woman. It is Tuesday morning and you’re getting out of the bath. Your kids rush in and say that someone came into the house, and that the intruder doesn’t belong there. You grab some clothes and confront a woman standing in your house. She used to live here, but doesn’t live here any longer. You back up to your bedroom and get your handgun from your dresser. Again you demand that the woman leave your house. She lunges for your gun. The attacker stops and runs away when you shoot her. You stop too, and call the police.

Second Story – Are you armed at a fast food restaurant?
You’re a 70 year old man and you drive into McDonalds for an early lunch just before noon. You’re standing in line when another customer starts threatening to stab other customers and the clerks behind the counter. You can’t believe it at first. Then you take the attacker seriously and start to step back. You notice that some of the customers are women with young kids. Some of the clerks behind the counter are only teenagers.

You have your Kentucky concealed carry license. Your license is good here in Ohio, and you’re armed today. You draw your firearm and tell the attacker to put down the knife and to stop threatening people. You tell him again, and now he turns and walks out of the store. There are people outside, so you follow the attacker. Again, you tell him to drop the knife before the police arrive.

The young man drops the knife. The police take him into custody a few minutes later. The police said you might have saved lives inside the restaurant..and saved the attackers life as well by getting him to drop the knife.

Third story – Are you armed at home?
You’re working at home when your daughter runs in to get you. She says, “Dad, there is a guy in our garage. I think it might be the guy they talked about on the news.” The guy your daughter is talking about is wanted by the police. If your daughter saw the man then it is a good guess that he saw your daughter as well. You tell her to call 911 and to wait inside. You grab your gun and look through the window. You see the man in your garage and go towards him. You order him to the ground. The fugitive complies. The criminal and his girlfriend have been robbing small stores and stealing cars in Texas and Oklahoma.

Fourth story – Are you armed at work?
It is 3am and you’re behind the counter at your 7-11 convenience store. A man runs in with a gun in his hand. He points the gun at you and then jumps over the counter. You let him take the money from the cash register. Some of your employees and customers sneak into the back room. After the robber stuffs his pockets, he follows your employees toward the back.

You’re armed. You draw your handgun and shoot the attacker. He shoots back. You’re hit. The robber runs out the back and you lock the door behind him.

Your employees and customers are shaken but not hurt. Now you call the police and EMTs. The police find the wounded robber across the street. Both of you are taken to the hospital.

Your attacker is charged with attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury and possession of a firearm by a felon.

These gun owners saved lives in seconds. What could you do?

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.