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When it comes to self-defense liability insurance (CCW insurance), determining how good is “good enough” depends on a few critical factors. A good CCW insurance plan should not only cover legal defense fees, which can skyrocket in the event of a self-defense incident, but also provide immediate cash for bail bonds, loss of income during court proceedings, and civil liability protection. The difference between adequate and exceptional coverage often lies in how these elements work together to create a comprehensive shield against ideological prosecutors and spurious lawsuits, ensuring that members are not left vulnerable to unforeseen financial and personal risks. 

In addition to the breadth and depth of the financial coverage, any evaluation of self-defense liability insurance (CCW insurance) options should include an assessment of the provider’s track record in defending members. Second Call Defense has a 100% success rate in defending our members.  


“After I obtained my CCW, it was made apparent that I not only had to protect myself physically against violence, but I had to protect my family and I against any liability that might arise from a self-defense altercation. After I talked to one of the Second Call Defense managers, signing up was a no-brainer. This coverage relieves a lot of the pressure that responsible citizens may come up against.”
– Ken Nelson, New Mexico 

A Real Second Call Defense Success Story 

The following is an account of an actual self-defense situation involving a Second Call Defense member. 

Our member, a pizza delivery driver, was helping two coworkers close up late at night when two robbers burst into the store, one of them armed with a metal pipe. After a brief chase, our member found himself cornered while the assailant with the pipe advanced towards him. As a concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit holder, he was armed that night. He drew his .380 semi-automatic pistol and fired three times, striking the assailant twice, incapacitating him. The second assailant fled. Our member made his first call to 911 for emergency assistance, as the wounded assailant needed medical attention.  

When the police arrived, they put our member in the back seat of a police van so they could work the scene. While sitting in the back of the van, he made his next call to Second Call Defense and was immediately connected with one of our attorneys who provided expert counsel on what to tell the police.  

Our member handed his phone to the officer in charge at the scene, and the Second Call Defense lawyer convinced him to release our member with the promise he would come to the police station the next day for an interview. Prior to the interview, the Second Call Defense attorney advised our member on how to handle the questions, and our lawyer joined the interview via speakerphone. After a short discussion, our member was not charged and left the station a free man.  

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Second Call Defense played a vital role in this real-life situation. We expert legal counsel helped keep our member free from spending the night in jail with real criminals and avoiding criminal charges.  

Preserving Personal and Financial Freedom  

Importantly, our member left the police station without owing a dime to his lawyer, even though he incurred several thousands of dollars of legal fees. If for any reason the assailant’s family decided to bring a civil suit, Second Call Defense would be there with unlimited resources to fight the spurious lawsuit. 

Attorney fees for self-defense, especially if it is criminal charges and it goes to trial, may easily exceed $100,000. Keep in mind, that is just the criminal aspect. If a person involved in a self-defense situation is not criminally charged, they may still face a wrongful death civil lawsuit by the perpetrator’s family. Again, depending on if it goes to trial or settled, attorney fees can easily go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.   

100% Success Rate 

Second Call Defense has chalked-up an impressive track record with a 100% success rate in defending our members. This flawless success rate is a testament to our comprehensive approach to legal defense services and Member support.  

Second Call Defense maintains this success rate by meticulous selection of legal experts using our proven vetting process and our proactive, supportive services we provide Members from the moment of an incident through the completion of any legal proceedings. This level of success underscores our commitment to upholding your rights and ability to handle the complexities of self-defense cases. 

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Don’t leave your safety and legal protection to chance. Become a Member of Second Call Defense today and gain peace of mind knowing you have expert legal defense, comprehensive coverage, and a community that supports responsible concealed carry and self-defense.  

We offer Plans with: 

  • UNLIMITED criminal legal defense support 
  • UNLIMITED civil suit legal defense support 
  • $1 MILLION in bail bond coverage 
  • Up to $1 MILLION in civil suit damages  
  • 50-STATE coverage 
  • Up to $300,000 accidental shooting protection 
  • RED FLAG coverage 
  • Firearm replacement 
  • 24/7 emergency hotline 
  • Online training videos 
  • Personal crisis manager 

With a 100% success rate in defending our members, we ensure that you’re never alone in the aftermath of a self-defense incident.