As regular readers of the Second Call Defense Newsletter, I often wonder how many of you actually own firearms? I learned long ago, that just because individuals belong to a pro-gun organization, or regularly visit pro-gun websites, does not necessarily mean they are gun owners. In fact, statistically speaking millions of 2nd Amendment supporters do not even own firearms, but they vehemently support our Second Amendment rights. Many of these non-firearms owning individuals steadfastly support our right to keep and bear arms and represent a powerful base of pro civil rights, pro firearms individuals. Thank you for your support! That is also why Second Call Defense provides member benefits for the use of “any” legal weapon in self-defense, not just firearms.

I have also found over the years, that mainstream media ignores and hides these individuals’ existence. Non-gunowners supporting our right to keep and bear arms, does not meet their anti-gun narrative, so to the mainstream media, these people do not exist. The mainstream media also hides from us the facts that the legal gun owner, concealed carry holder, armed citizens like many of us, use a firearm for self-defense and defense of others over a million times a year!

As those of you who regularly read this newsletter are aware, in order to use lethal force in self-defense,  “you must be in fear of immediate death or serious bodily injury or harm.” Over one million of times per year innocent gun owners, including SCD Members, face immediate death, and the life-or-death response to that same threat.

Think about what I just wrote, “over one million times per year,” its just a matter of time before you or someone you know faces immediate death and is forced to act. What then, with a body lying on the stairs leading to your bedroom, do you do? What information should your 911 call include? Who do you call when you just took a life to save your own? Will they answer the phone at 3:00am? Most attorneys will not, their answering service will give them the message in the morning.

Experienced Defense Attorneys created second Call Defense a decade ago, as an answer to each of those questions.

Second Call Defense provides the information necessary to answer the question concerning what information the 911 call should include.

Second Call Defense will be with you every step of the way, to defend you after you have been forced to take a life to save your own.

Second Call Defense will provide immediate assistance 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Second Call Defense will provide immediate bond, to get you released from jail as soon as legally permitted.

Second Call Defense will provide you with the names of qualified attorneys to represent you, where the incident took place, whether home or on vacation.

Second Call Defense will retain your chosen attorney on your behalf and pay the attorney’s retainer fees, up front to immediately begin your defense.

Second Call Defense will continue to pay for your ongoing representation, including attorney’s fees, and expert witness fees.

In short, Second Call Defense will pay for whatever expense your attorney deems necessary to provide you with the best most comprehensive defense available.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney for the past 30 years, as a person who regularly carries a firearm for self-defense and the defense of my family, as founder of Second Call Defense, because I need all those same protections you do,  I’m also a member of Second Call Defense, I’m protected from trigger to trial, you should be too.