Bulletproof your mind with Col. Dave Grossman – Nov. 16, 2019

Our friends at Buckeye Firearms Association in Ohio have announced that in November they will host Lt. Col. Dave Grossman who will present his Bulletproof Mind seminar.

When< /br>
Saturday, November 16, 2019< /br>
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Where< /br>
Cherry Valley Hotel & Event Center< /br>
2299 Cherry Valley Rd SE< /br>
Newark, OH 43055-9393

Click here for detailed event information and tickets.

WARNING: This intense, all-day class deals bluntly and graphically with real-world violence and lethal self-defense. We recommend this workshop for adults and mature teens ONLY. It will do for your mind and spirit what body armor does for your torso.

The bad guys are out there. They’re assaulting, raping, and murdering your fellow citizens every day. And when you least expect it, they could choose you and your family as their next victims. Will you be a sheepdog? Or will you be a sheep?

Don’t be fooled. Having a gun gives you an edge. But a gun is only as powerful as the mind that controls it. Without the proper mindset, without having the mental tools to survive when absolutely everything goes wrong, you’re nothing but a sheep with a firearm.

But now you can prepare yourself for the worst and be ready to survive a lethal force encounter. You will have the rare opportunity to bullet-proof your mind with one of the world’s leading authorities on human aggression and violent crime.

This is an intense, one-day mind training workshop called The Bulletproof Mind: Tactical Mindset for Armed Citizens.

Others pay thousands for this training. But tickets to this extraordinary event are just $59. If you live in Ohio, please consider attending this event. Proceeds benefit Buckeye Firearms Association PAC. Donations are NOT REFUNDABLE per Ohio law.