KRQE reported on a harrowing home intrusion in Albuquerque, New Mexico in April 2024. Anissa Tinnin and her 4-year-old granddaughter were enjoying the evening when they came face to face with a criminal trying to escape from the police. Her fast thinking got him out of her home but when he broke in a second time, she was ready with her gun and shot him.



Key takeaways from this incident:  

  • Tinnin was armed and prepared to defend herself and her granddaughter with any means possible, including deadly force.  
  • She called 911 for emergency assistance.  
  • Tinnin did not chase the intruder the first time he left, preserving her claim of being the victim. If she had chased him outside and shot him after he no longer posed a threat, her self-defense claim would be difficult to hold up in a court of law.  
  • She shot the intruder as he was approaching her. Although she didn’t have to give him warning, telling her attacker she was armed (which did not stop him from proceeding) strengthened her self-defense legal defense.  
  • The video from the security surveillance system was instrumental to demonstrating the facts, making her account of the incident incontrovertible.  

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Self-Defense is a Human Right 

In this situation, Tinnin had to act as her own first responder. She handled herself well in a harrowing situation and was fortunate to have video evidence backing her account. Without it, the police may have taken her into custody and an aggressive prosecutor may have brought criminal charges, exposing her to incarceration and expensive bail.  

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that you should have the right to self-defense, leaving you exposed to criminal charges from ideological prosecutors or civil suits from the family of your attacker.  

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