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1 – Two in custody after home invasion, standoff in NW Portland

Police have arrested two individuals, Michael Mazzi and Kerina Trabue, after a home invasion in the Forest Park neighborhood in Northwest Portland on Monday morning. The police were alerted by a married couple who reported that two unknown individuals had forced them to leave their home. The police arrived at the scene to find an ongoing argument between the intruders and the homeowners. The Special Emergency Reaction Team and the Crisis Negotiation Team were dispatched to the area to resolve the situation. After a seven-hour standoff, the suspects were apprehended, and the house was searched to ensure no other intruders were present. Both Mazzi and Trabue were charged with first-degree burglary and coercion, and it was discovered that they each had outstanding warrants in the region. The homeowners were unharmed, and they expressed gratitude to the police for their prompt resolution of the situation.

Two in custody after home invasion

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2 – Man indicted in Dayton home invasion; suspects pulled victim’s gold front teeth

A man has been indicted for his involvement in a home invasion in Dayton, during which the victim’s gold front teeth were forcefully removed and he was restrained with duct tape. Bryce Aaron Watson, 25, is set to be arraigned on Thursday for charges including aggravated burglary, kidnapping, felonious assault, and grand theft of a motor vehicle. The incident occurred in March 2022, when multiple suspects assaulted the victim while he was sleeping on his couch. The suspects also stole a gaming system and two vehicles, which were later recovered a few blocks away. Watson was linked to the crime through a fingerprint found on a roll of duct tape left behind at the scene. He is currently being held on $100,000 bail at Montgomery County Jail.

Ohi Seal - Home Invasion

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3 – Home invasion suspect caught after more than 1 1/2 years

After evading capture for more than a year and a half, a man charged with committing a home invasion robbery on July 20, 2021, has been arrested by Jasper Police. The suspect, identified as 27-year-old Alexander Jevonte Brooks of Jasper, was captured on Saturday. Police Chief Gerald Hall revealed that the arrest was made following an extensive search.

The victim, who reported the crime to the police, alleged that the incident took place in her apartment at Sweetbriar Apartments on FM 2800. She claimed that Brooks was sitting outside her apartment door when she returned from work and forcibly entered her home after she refused him entry. Brooks proceeded to assault her by hitting her in the face, and when she attempted to defend herself with a kitchen knife, he began choking her until she almost passed out. However, she fought back by biting his finger and hitting him with the knife handle, which eventually stopped the assault. Before leaving, Brooks took her cell phone and threw a flower pot, causing damage to her apartment window.

Alexander Jevonte Brooks appeared in court, where he was arraigned on a 2nd degree felony robbery charge by Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace Gina Cleveland. His bond was set at $50,000.00.

Home Invasion Suspect

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