The Unspoken Truth of Defensive Gun Use in America

July 2023 – 13 Defensive Gun uses

In the vast landscape of American news, certain stories often go unnoticed, overshadowed by more sensational headlines. Yet, it’s essential to shed light on a significant aspect of gun ownership in the U.S.: defensive gun use. Studies consistently reveal that Americans resort to their firearms for self-defense between 500,000 to 3 million times each year. This statistic isn’t just a random number; it’s backed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s acknowledgment.

In 2021, a groundbreaking study dove deep into this topic, concluding that the U.S. witnesses approximately 1.6 million defensive gun uses annually. These numbers aren’t just figures on paper; they represent real-life incidents where individuals have protected themselves, their families, or their properties.

You can explore more of this information at the Heritage Foundation’s Defensive Gun Uses in the U.S.

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  • July 4, Las Vegas: A Las Vegas resident, enjoying a quiet day at home, was suddenly confronted by an intruder. Acting swiftly, the homeowner utilized his firearm to protect his home and himself, resulting in the intruder’s fatal shooting.
  • July 6, Chicago: A Chicago homeowner was startled to find an unfamiliar woman scaling his roof, accessing it from a neighboring construction site. Despite calling the police thrice and waiting anxiously, the homeowner felt compelled to act when the police response was delayed. He confronted and subsequently wounded the trespasser in self-defense.

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  • July 8, Nashville, Tennessee: A gas station in Nashville became the scene of a dramatic confrontation. An armed robber, attempting an early morning heist, was met with resistance from a brave clerk. The clerk, faced with imminent danger, drew his own weapon and neutralized the threat before the authorities arrived.
  • July 12, Dothan, Alabama: Tensions flared at a traffic light when a man, armed with a knife, menacingly approached his ex-girlfriend and her male companion. Despite warnings to back off, the aggressor persisted, leading the male companion to defend both of them, wounding the knife-wielding ex-boyfriend.
  • July 15, Waco, Texas: In a Waco hotel, cries for help echoed through the hallways. A guest, upon investigating, found himself intervening in a violent altercation. When the aggressor turned his rage towards the Good Samaritan, the latter was forced to draw his firearm, ending the threat.
  • July 16, Philadelphia: A Philadelphia woman experienced every homeowner’s nightmare when she found four intruders inside her apartment. With her safety at risk, she courageously defended her home, shooting and injuring two of the burglars. The remaining two fled the scene.

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  • July 18, Washington, D.C.: D.C. resident was suddenly accosted by two armed carjackers demanding his vehicle. Leveraging his concealed carry permit, he defended himself, shooting one assailant, while the other evaded capture.
  • July 19, Neptune, Florida: An elderly couple in Neptune faced a harrowing situation when an intruder, with a criminal past, forced entry into their residence. The homeowner, prepared and armed, detained the intruder at gunpoint, awaiting police intervention.
  • July 22, Marion, Indiana: An unexpected attack unfolded on a Marion street as a man, busy changing his tire, was ambushed by a trio of assailants. Taking cover, he retaliated, and with the assistance of an armed neighbor, managed to fend off the attackers.
  • July 23, Carmichael, California: A tense standoff occurred in a Carmichael apartment when a man, with a history of violence, mistakenly targeted a residence. The resident, prioritizing his family’s safety, engaged the attacker, wounding him in the process.

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  • July 26, Fayetteville, North Carolina: A mall food court in Fayetteville became the backdrop for a dramatic confrontation. An argument escalated rapidly, leading a man to brandish a firearm. Quick-thinking employees intervened, and an Army veteran ensured the gunman was detained.
  • July 27, Cassopolis, Michigan: A routine visit to a gas station turned intense when a robber, brandishing a knife, threatened the on-duty clerk. An alert customer, legally armed, intervened, wounding the robber and preventing potential harm.
  • July 29, Houston: A domestic dispute in Houston took a dangerous turn when a woman was cornered by her partner, who brandished a firearm. Fearing for her life, she acted in self-defense, critically injuring him.

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