Civil Lawsuit Defense Protection

You are protected by funds to defend against civil lawsuits!

Many gun owners think that criminal charges are the biggest risk they face in using self defense. And yes, this is a major risk. However if you abide by legal standards for self defense, competent and immediate representation like we provide can generally prevent serious legal peril.

What is always an unknown is whether someone will file a civil suit to punish you financially. The standard of “proof” is low in a civil action and it’s common for wives, children, or other family members to play on the emotions of a jury, even if you have not been charged criminally.

A civil suit has only one purpose: to destroy you financially. You can lose your savings, your home, and your personal property. Your future wages can even be garnished for the rest of your life. Large settlements can haunt you and your family forever.

That’s why your membership includes protection for legal defense against civil suits. This helps you avoid pressure to settle and lets your attorney put up a strong defense without concerns over whether you can pay the legal bills later.

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