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As a Real Estate Agent, you know that you depend upon yourself for nearly everything, including your safety. Often times it’s you and an unknown client, at an unfamiliar location, facing an unknown threat.


Suddenly, out of nowhere, the worst happens. You survive! But will you survive the legal aftermath of using lethal force in self-defense? You are not alone; Second Call Defense is with you every step of the way. Second Call Defense provides you with the most comprehensive legal protection for armed self-defense available anywhere.*


Learn more about Second Call Defense and the Immediate 24-hour/7-days a week Legal Self-Defense and Civil Protection we provide to each of our members.

Why Choose Second Call Defense?

Legal Protection – Criminal

  • Emergency Legal Hotline Attorney Available 24/7
  • Protection for the use of any Legal Weapons
  • Immediate Cash Bond up to $250,000*
  • Immediate Retainer fee to hire your Attorney w/o delay
  • Criminal Defense Protection up to $100,000

Civil Damages Coverage Protect your Assets-Keep What’s Yours

  • Civil Suit Defense Protection up to Unlimited
  • Civil Suit Damages Protection up to $300,000
  • Accidental Shooting Protection $300,000

* Membership not available to residents of NJ, NY, and WA. Membership and coverage not available outside of the United States or in US Territories.
* Reflects 10% of the face amount of the bond. For example, $1,000 reflects a $10,000 bond.
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First Month Free Promotions:
How it works; once a new member signs up and their CC is accepted. The Ins. Co. charges their card for the appropriate fee, and then we are notified that we have a new member. We then send out their membership card etc. along with a check for the amount they signed up for.

Member Benefits

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Legal & Financial Protection for Gun Owners

The ONLY self defense plan in the world that gives you our 4 comprehensive levels of protection.

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Good in Most States across United States*

The plan that follows you everywhere with immediate legal help available 24/7/365.

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Up to $1,000,000 Civil Suit Defense Protection

Powerful protection to help you defend against devastating and expensive civil lawsuits up to $1,000,000

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Exclusive Training Material

Self-Defense Training Videos and Content to help prepare you for a Self-Defense situation.

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Membership Benefits

A list of the major protections and services, depending on the membership level you choose.