Monthly Membership* Plans

Immediate up-front self-defense legal protection with nothing out of pocket, nothing to repay ever.

* Membership not available to residents of NJ, NY, and WA. Membership and coverage not available outside of the United States or in US Territories.
* Reflects 10% of the face amount of the bond.
For example, $1,000 reflects a $10,000 bond.

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First Month Free Promotions:
How it works; once a new member signs up and their CC is accepted. The Ins. Co. charges their card for the appropriate fee, and then we are notified that we have a new member. We then send out their membership card etc. along with a check for the amount they signed up for.

Self-Defense Training

Get access to some of the best Self-Defense Training available.

Membership Benefits

A list of the major protections and services, depending on the membership level you choose.

*Second Call Defense is not insurance and does not sell or promote insurance products.  Second Call Defense is a membership organization that provides its members access to the “Second Amendment Support Foundation, Inc.,” which provides the means necessary to protect Second Call Defense members from the legal aftermath of exercising their right to self-defense. For an overview of the differences between Second Call Defense Member Benefits and traditional insurance, click here