After using any legal weapon in self defense your legal and financial protection begins IMMEDIATELY

If you find yourself the survivor of a life-or-death encounter involving the use of any legal weapon in self defense, one phone call to our Emergency Legal Hotline will activate a RAPID RESPONSE TEAM who can render IMMEDIATE, REAL-TIME assistance after you use lethal force.

And when we say “IMMEDIATE,” we mean that literally. An experienced defense attorney will answer your emergency call day or night, even on weekends and holidays.

This attorney will assess your situation, help you calm down, guide you through your interactions with law enforcement, and help you avoid saying or doing anything that will work against you.

It’s likely that you will be shaken up at this point, so if necessary, the attorney will ask you to hand the phone to a law enforcement officer on the scene and intercede on your behalf to make sure your rights are protected and that the police don’t use your excited state to force you to say something you might regret.

The attorney will also IMMEDIATELY set you up with a Personal Crisis Manager who will help you access all the services of your membership and guide you step-by-step until your legal issues are resolved. The attorney will also notify your emergency contacts IMMEDIATELY if you have been injured or taken into custody.

In addition, the attorney will IMMEDIATELY begin the process of referring you to an attorney in your area from our vast, nationwide network. We can wire a retainer and have you set up with representation within 24 hours, sometimes within just a few hours.

If you are charged with a crime and a judge sets bail, we can IMMEDIATELY wire money to a bail bondsman or otherwise arrange bail so you can get out of jail and work with your attorney on a solid defense. This can significantly improve your odds of being acquitted.

And if at any time your situation gets out of control (when the “stuff” really hits the fan) and the standard operating procedures are not adequate, one of our partners will IMMEDIATELY drive or fly to your location to render any necessary assistance.

In short, WE HAVE YOUR BACK. Immediately, personally, and in real time, right when you need help the most.

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