Ultimate Member training in lethal force

On June 25, 2014, we held a private training session in Westerville, OH for Ultimate Members only.

Sean Maloney, our resident legal guru and founding partner of Second Call Defense, presented Lethal Force & the Law – 5 Universal Concepts Every Gun Owner MUST Understand.

This was one of three topics we developed for our 2014 seminars. It proved to be a standing-room-only topic in Indianapolis, so we decided to share it with our Ultimate Members as well.

training class for use of lethal forceYou’ll notice from the photo that we captured the session on video. If the result looks good, we plan to share this with the thousands of Ultimate members from across the country who couldn’t attend in-person.

We don’t have a large staff, so we’re not able to come to every town in every state to run events like this. However, we do have online events and hope to do this more often.

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