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Courts Rule Against Columbus and the ATF, Plus How to Stay Out of Jail After Self-Defense
A Delaware County judge has stopped Columbus from enforcing its magazine and gun storage laws. Plus the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the ATF on their definition of bumpstocks as machine guns.

And have you joined Second Call Defense yet? Co-founder and firearms attorney Sean Maloney explains why it may be the difference between going to jail and going free after a self-defense shooting.

Good Samaritan or Vigilante?
Sean Maloney from Second Call Defense joins me to discuss this outstanding example of an armed citizen stopping a active shooter.

Lessons for Gun Owners Part 1 – Self-Defense Attorney Explains
In the first half, attorney Sean Maloney from Second Call Defense joins me to explain the lessons gun owners can learn from what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse. In the second half, I discuss a home invasion case from Oceanside California in which the homeowner successfully defended himself.

Lessons for Gun Owners Part 2 – Self-Defense Attorney Explains
In the first half, attorney Sean Maloney continues the discussion about the lessons gun owners can learn from what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse. And, we discuss how wealthy people think and what we can learn from their ways of thinking.

The Law of Self-Defense – An Attorney Tells the Truth
Attorney Sean Maloney explains the laws of self defense so that Americans know what to do if they ever have to use a firearm, knife, or other weapon to defend themselves against a criminal.

Sean Maloney Discusses the Remington Settlement and the Alec Baldwin case
Attorney and firearm expert Sean Maloney from Second Call Defense discusses two high-profile (Remington Settlement & Alec Baldwin) stories and reveals the truth about big money lawsuits and big ego actors. The media is falsely reporting that Remington agreed to a $73 million legal settlement and family members of the cinematographer Alec Baldwin shot and killed have filed a lawsuit, even though Baldwin claims innocence because, apparently, guns go off by themselves.

Guns on the Go – When carrying outside your home.
What types of crimes will get you into trouble when you are outside your home? What about interactions with police at a traffic stop? Do you have a duty to disclose you are armed? Sean Maloney discusses some tips when carrying outside your home.

How Defending your Life can land you in Prison
Learn about self-defense and how defending your life may land you in jail.

ATF and Pistol Braces, Duty to Retreat, and More
Sean Maloney joins the Faxon Firearms podcast to talk about potential ATF regulation of pistol braces, how Ohio abolished “duty to retreat,” polymer 80% firearms, and more.

Brandishing, Shooting to Wound, and Warning Shots
If you watch TV and movies, you might think that it’s a good idea to brandish your gun to back someone off, or shoot someone in the arm or leg, or maybe fire a warning shot. But many legal experts think these actions can get you into serious legal trouble.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Calling 911
After a self-defense shooting, you’ll need to call 911. But this can put you in legal jeopardy if you say the wrong thing. Learn about the physical effects you’ll experience after a shooting, why this can make you say things you might regret, and the correct way to make this phone call.

10 Things You Should NEVER Do After A Self Defense Shooting
When it comes to armed self-defense, it’s usually not the shooting itself that trips you up legally. More often than not, it’s what you do afterward that gets you in hot water. Here are 10 things you should NEVER do after you use a gun in self-defense.


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