Can you say UNLIMITED!

We appreciate your trust in Second Call Defense. Since our founding several decades ago, Second Call Defense has defended and provided legal representation to hundreds of members in incidents ranging from the death of their assailants; protecting against illegal red flag firearms seizures; brandishing a firearm in self-defense; defending against vicious dogs and everything in between.

In fact, Second Call Defense has a 100% success rate in defending members, and unlike others we have never clawed back money from a member.

While we are extremely proud of our record of providing peace of mind for those that choose to defend themselves, we do not take your trust for granted.


That is why we have significantly upgraded our coverage:


  • UNLIMITED LEGAL (CRIMINAL) DEFENSE for ALL PLANS. We have raised the maximum limit from $100,000 to UNLIMITED legal defense coverage for criminal cases in ALL our plans.
  • UNLIMITED CIVIL DEFENSE for UPPER TIER PLANS. We understand that legal defense is not just about criminal cases, but also civil ones. That’s why we now offer UNLIMITED civil defense coverage for criminal cases in our Defender, Ultimate, and Ultimate Plus plans.
  • 10X MORE BOND COVERAGE for ALL PLANS. We are excited to tell you about our tenfold increase in our bail bond coverage up to $1,000,000 in ALL our membership plans. Most people don’t know that what you pay for a bail bond does not get returned to you. A $1 million bail bond costs $100,000 in cash up-front, and that’s money you don’t get back from the bail bond company (that’s how they make money). Second Call Defense pays the upfront bail bond cash for members, nothing out of your pocket.
  • CIVIL DAMAGES INCREASE for UPPER TIER PLANS. We doubled coverage for civil damages for our Ultimate plan up to $500,000 and more than tripled it for Ultimate Plus up to $1 million. This upgraded coverage is essential for helping protect your home, investments, retirement savings, and other assets, potentially saving your family from financial ruin because of a spurious civil suit.

You don’t have to do anything to secure these upgrades, you are already covered AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!


Second Call Defense remains the best legal defense coverage on the market today:

  • 100% success rate in defending members.
  • Never clawed back monies from members, nothing to repay, ever.
  • No other provider covers damages from accidental shooting incidents, which can be costly.

Other benefits include:

  • NEW – Funeral Expenses for Members – Up to $15,000
  • MORE – Scene Clean Up – Up to $5,000 (from $2,000)
  • MORE – Per Diem for Loss of Work While in Court – $750/day (up from $500/day)
  • Expert Training Resources
  • Rapid Response
  • 24/7 Emergency Legal Hotline
  • Local Attorney Referral in 24 Hours
  • Gun Retrieval or Replacement
  • On-Site Assistance
  • Red Flag
  • TSA Violation
  • Pick Your Own Attorney
  • Wrongful Confiscation


So now that you have upgraded benefits additional peace of mind, maybe it’s time to tell your friends and family? 

We’re offering a Friends and Family Discount to all current members! If you are currently a Second Call Defense Member, and you get a friend or family to sign up for a Self-Defense Financial and Legal Protection from Second Call Defense , we’ll give them their first month free AND we’ll send you a check for that same amount.

Here’s how it works:

They must sign up online, and your membership must be active at the time of the referral.

In the Promo Code box at the end of the sign-up page they need to put in this code:

F&F (plus your membership #)

It would look something like this: F&F 1900123

This is the only way we can identify both the F&F promotion and your qualification for the referral promotion.


We appreciate your loyalty and continued trust in Second Call Defense. We’re here to Defend Your Livelihood While You Defend Your Life.

Please reach out to us with any questions.