How to spot a concealed handgun

Self defense in modern society is about far more than carrying a gun, it’s also about developing situational awareness. This means knowing where you are and what’s going on around you at all times.

One vital element of situational awareness seldom taught in concealed carry classes is how to spot a concealed handgun. Just as you hope to have the element of surprise if you find yourself in a life-threatening situation, you want to avoid being surprised by an armed attacker.

how to spot a concealed handgunBased on the experience of Robert T. Gallagher, former NYPD detective, Anti-Robbery Tactical Unit, this detailed illustration, titled Spotting a Hidden Handgun, explains some of the visual cues that reveal when someone is carrying a handgun.

You can also use this information to avoid providing others with the same visual cues which may alert them that you are carrying concealed.

HINT: If you find yourself repeatedly checking or adjusting your firearm throughout the day, you may need a more secure holster, a sturdier belt, or you may simply need to tighten your belt. Loose carry in a pocket or inside your belt without a holster is not recommended.

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