The surprising truth about Self Defense Insurance

If you own or carry a firearm for self defense, you’ve probably thought about the very real probability that one day you may have to use your gun to defend yourself or your loved ones.

And if you’ve thought through the various scenarios to their logical conclusion, you will have considered that in the minutes and hours that follow, you could find yourself facing arrest and prosecution, and in dire need of legal defense.

But hiring a good lawyer isn’t cheap. So your thought process may have brought you to the realization that what you need is some kind of self defense insurance.

After all, you insure your house, your car, and even your health. So self defense insurance is a sound and prudent idea. But is it enough?

Here’s the truth about insurance: it is illegal for any insurance policy to reward criminal activity.

That makes perfect sense. No one wants to give criminals big fat insurance checks. Unfortunately, this also means that even if you follow every law and act responsibly, when you shoot someone in self defense, you can’t collect a cent from any policy until you are found not guilty in a court of law or the case is dropped.

In other words, while you may get a self defense insurance policy with the intention of paying for your own defense, you’ll have to pay a lawyer, and handle all other expenses, out of your own pocket. Either that or you’ll have to hit up family members in a big way and call in every favor you’ve ever done for friends since you were a toddler.

Only after the smoke clears do you have any chance of collecting on the insurance policy to pay off your debts.

As more and more Americans buy guns, more and more self defense insurance products are appearing around the country. But they all suffer from the same fatal flaw.

That’s something you should keep in mind if an insurance agent tries to sell you a self defense insurance policy. And that’s why Second Call Defense offers you not only insurance protection but also provides cash benefits up-front for expenses such as an attorney retainer and bail bond.

Our unique membership program is set up to protect you from out-of-pocket expenses. In fact, we pioneered the concept which is why our membership is proving to be incredibly popular with prepared gun owners coast-to-coast.

Now don’t misunderstand. If it’s a choice between having no protection whatsoever and having a self defense insurance policy that reimburses you only after the fact for expenses you rack up in a legal battle, for goodness sake get the policy! Something is better than nothing.

Just remember that insurance alone cannot help with upfront expenses. Self defense comes with enough surprises without being startled by that little nugget of truth.