Firearm instructors train to become Certified Recruiters

Since we first got the idea to create Second Call Defense, we knew firearm instructors, especially those teaching CCW classes, would be a vital part of our organization.

So we’ve been inviting instructors to attend training sessions around Ohio for a couple months now. The response has been amazing.

recruiter trainingWe cover the basics of how Second Call Defense works, discuss how instructors can add this information to their classes, and provide membership applications and other materials.

And, of course, we discuss how everyone benefits from membership, including our recruiters. Certified Recruiters …

  • Promote and enroll members for Second Call Defense protection.
  • Earn ongoing referral fees on every membership.
  • Help educate gun owners about the legal, responsible use of firearms.

While we’re focusing on recruiters here in Ohio, we’ll eventually have these training classes available to instructors nationwide.

If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Recruiter, fill out our contact form and we’ll give you the details and invite you to one of our upcoming training sessions.