How to deter criminals by projecting an “alpha male” aura

Night is falling. Two men walk out of a grocery store into the dark parking lot.

The first man clutches a grocery bag to his chest, scurrying toward his car with eyes turned down to the ground. The second man carries a grocery bag at his side, striding confidently, head upright and eyes surveying the parked cars around him.

A criminal skulks in the shadows looking for a victim. Which one of the men is he more likely to choose?

While anyone can be a victim of crime, most criminals look for weakness when choosing victims. And they instinctively assess potential victims based on their appearance, body language, voice, and other cues.

In most cases, bad guys don’t want a fight. They seek to avoid “alpha males” and zero in on more submissive citizens. So one of the best ways to avoid becoming a victim is to project the characteristics of an alpha.

Here’s a video from National Geographic that takes a look at alpha male behavior in primates and how similar this behavior is in humans. It’s not about self defense, but there are several lessons here to help project more confidence, appear more dominant, and, perhaps, deter a criminal from choosing you as a victim and forcing you to defend yourself.

This video is about 45 minutes, but it’s worth watching all the way through.

NOTE: The video is more or less family friendly, but some viewers may consider a few scenes mildly offensive or politically incorrect.