Practice Time

Making The Most Of Practice Time

by Drew Beatty

I attempt to get to the shooting range regularly - at least twice a month. With limited time and ever-increasing ammunition costs, I've made the decision to maximize my practice time in an attempt to get the most value and benefit possible from the limited opportunities available.

We all have busy lives, but we know we need to stay sharp on our firearms skills. When there is only limited practice time available, what are the best skills to practice?

Securing Your Guns

Armed Security – Securing Your Guns

by Drew Beatty

Your firearms can't be operated safely if they fall in to the wrong hands, so gun owners need to have a strategy for keeping their arms secure.

I remember driving through a neighborhood one day and seeing a house with the garage door wide open and a large gun safe in plain view. Another time I saw a two men get out of a car in front of a house and safety check their firearms in the street next to their vehicle. They were clearly returning from a trip to the range.

Planning for Failure

Planning for Failure

By Keith Coniglio

There's a tendency in the human psyche to seek safety in the perfect answer, the magic talisman, and the "right thing" that will be foolproof and fail proof. In the world of concealed carry, that usually leads to a great deal of research to identify the most reliable gun, the best-performing ammunition, and the most widely accepted training practices for our defensive shooting skills.

Gun Culture

The Myth of the Monolithic Gun Culture

Keith Coniglio

It would be nice to think that we gun owners are a culture - that we share certain core values; that we can be counted upon to support each other; that our motives and actions would be universally understood among "our kind."

Distracting Questions

How criminals use questions to set up an attack

by Greg Ellifritz

In order for a criminal to get close enough to commit his crime, he has to appear non-threatening. If he appears dangerous, his "prey" are likely to spot him earlier and either run away or call for help. Hence, the criminal will close the distance, often using the pretense of asking a question to appear less threatening.

Guns & Kids

Guns & Kids: Should you be armed around children?

by Rob Morse

A young couple needed a break. I’d agreed to babysit their children in my home. Observing the room, most of the things I wanted to keep intact were above munchkin height.

I’d watched these two children before and I love them, but there are complications. I carry a concealed firearm all the time. Now, I had second thoughts. With the kids under foot, should I carry the gun or put it away? What if the children bumped into the gun or noticed my gun and asked about it? What should I do?

Deciding to Carry

Making the Decision to Carry a Concealed Handgun

Drew Beatty

Like most of you reading this, I made the decision to carry a firearm after a long period of contemplation and forethought. Owning and carrying a firearm for personal protection is not a light decision. No one in my family while growing up even considered carrying, partly because it wasn’t a right that was as easily exercised then and partly ... well ... because they never even thought about it.

Clearing Malfunctions

Clearing semi-auto handgun malfunctions

by Michelle Cerino

If you’ve shot a semi-auto handgun more than just a couple of times, it’s happened to you. Malfunctions are the bane of self-loading firearms. There are many causes of semi-auto handgun malfunctions; common ones include poor technique by the shooter, mechanical problems, ammunition, dirt, improper lubrication, weak springs and magazines. With so many potential failures facing us, it’s important to know how to get our pistols quickly back in the game.

Pocket Carry 3

Pocket Carry Part 3: Avoiding the Fine Print(ing)

by Keith Coniglio

You can't predict or mitigate every scenario for discovery when pocket carrying, but there are some simple steps you can take to minimize your risk:

Pocket Carry 2

Pocket Carry Part 2: Leaving a Bad Impression

by Keith Coniglio

You may have the impression that a diminutive pistol in a quality pocket holster frees you from being mindful of your wardrobe and activity choices - that pocket carry is an alternative to "dressing around the gun" for concealment. If so, you might want to sit down, because it's not good news. Underestimating the human power of observation (even when employed subconsciously) is a tremendous mistake.