Protecting School Children

Protecting School Children from Mass Murderers

by Drew Beatty

Part 2 of 2

In part one, we reviewed the phenomena of school shootings, or spree killers. We covered some of the history of this phenomenon and also looked at the evolution of responses to it. Given what we know, what can be done about these incidents?

Murderers in Schools

Murderers Running Amok in Schools

by Drew Beatty

Part 1 of 2

The horror known as the mass shooting (or spree killer, school shooter, or a whole host of other names) has unfortunately become a part of our modern culture.

Malls, movie theaters, churches, and in particular schools, offer soft targets for mentally and/or emotionally unbalanced or otherwise distraught people to exact their vengeance on the world. It is a sad fact of human existence that criminals evolve in their criminal behavior. The spree killer is an example of this.

Carry Gun Upgrades

Carry Gun Upgrades

by Keith Coniglio

No firearm you own could benefit more from improved accuracy and fit than the one with which you may defend your life, yet many shooters are hesitant to make modifications out of fear that the process is somehow beyond their abilities. The truth is, improvements can be made with easily available drop-in parts, requiring only basic tools that you likely already own.


Realistic Training

Are You Ready for "Realistic" Training?

by Rob Morse

A variety of courses call themselves "realistic" or reality-based training. To name a few, they could include move-and-shoot scenarios, video-based simulator training, or even force-on-force training with simunitions. Realistic training is certainly an exciting ride. Whether it is good training or an arcade game depends, in part, on you and what you're ready to learn.

Should you take such a class even if it was free? Let's see if reality based training is appropriate for you.

Member Incident Report

Special Report

Second Call Defense Member Incident

by Trent Marsh

"I just shot a kid."

Words nobody wants to say.

When a 72-year-old man we'll call “Gary Russell,” left work on his bicycle to go home, I doubt he thought he would be saying those words. Sean Maloney of Second Call Defense certainly wasn't expecting to hear those words when his phone rang at five that evening, but that's how the call started.

"I just shot a kid."

CCW While Hunting

Carrying Concealed While Hunting

by Trent Marsh

It's dark. You're alone.

You hear a noise to your left, not far away. It sounded like a footstep.

Are you in some dark alley, or a vacant parking lot behind the mall?

No. You're on your way to your tree stand.

Hunting typically requires getting off the beaten path. Accessing remote areas without much foot traffic is perfect when in search of game. It's also a highly desirable area for meth labs, marijuana grow operations, and in some parts of the country, illegal whiskey stills.

2A Exceptionalism

Second Amendment Exceptionalism

by Drew Beatty

In America around dinner tables, hunting cabins and on blogs like this one, we talk about firearms. If you are anything like me — and you probably are if you're reading articles on this site — firearms, ammunition, hunting, calibers and cartridges, gun handling tactics and techniques, and target practice are a regular part of life. We hardly think it's exceptional, but it is very special and unique that we have the option of living as we do.

Judging Gun Owners

Judging Gun Owners

by Keith Coniglio

As I opined in an earlier piece, there is no such thing as "the gun owner." We're a varied lot with differing opinions, motivations, and attitudes towards guns and our Second Amendment. But we have one unifying quality, often overlooked by many: we are hated or misunderstood by a significant number of our fellow citizens.