NRA Self Defense Insurance vs. Second Call Defense

With more people buying firearms and more efforts from gun control advocates to vilify gun owners, more people are looking for gun insurance, especially insurance that protects them after using their firearm in self defense.

Unfortunately, there some serious problems with this type of gun or liability insurance.

Most insurance coverage, including homeowners and umbrella policies, contains a provision that excludes coverage for injury or damage intentionally caused by the insured. This is sometimes called the "intentional injury exclusion."

A few policies include language for a "reasonable force" exception for "bodily injury resulting from the use of reasonable force to protect persons or property." But this only protects you for "liability," meaning damages in a civil case and apply only after you are acquitted or the charges are dismissed.

However, several years ago, this problem was solved with the introduction of the NRA Endorsed Self Defense Insurance Program. (Don't confuse this with the other NRA gun insurance programs, such as ArmsCare Firearms Insurance or Personal Firearms Liability Insurance. These are completely different insurance policies.)

NRA Insurance Covers Self Defense

The NRA Self Defense Insurance policy, administered by Lockton Affinity, may be the only program in the world to specifically protect you if you use your firearm in self defense. In fact, it offers protection for several issues that concern gun owners.

Here's a description of this coverage from the NRA Endorsed Insurance website:

Most people don't realize that many homeowner's policies don't include coverage for acts of self-defense, concealed carry liability insurance, or the related legal costs for criminal defense charges. We recognized this gap in coverage and created a plan to help protect National Rifle Association members should the unthinkable happen.

This NRA-endorsed Self-defense Insurance bundles both Self-defense and Personal Firearms Protection coverage, and provides Civil Defense and Liability, Criminal Defense Reimbursement, Concealed Carry Liability and Bodily Injury or Property Damage if you are involved in an act of self-defense. Even if you don't have a concealed carry permit, we still offer protection for the use of legally owned firearms.

In short, the NRA insurance provides criminal and civil coverage, plus coverage for accidents while shooting or hunting. This is light years ahead of any other insurance product out there.

However, it still suffers from one problem common to all insurance: it cannot help you in a criminal matter until AFTER the case is dismissed, no billed, or you are found not guilty following a trial. By law, no insurance company can pay a penny to anyone accused of a crime.

That means you have to pay for an attorney retainer, bond money, criminal defense fees, and all other legal expenses out of your own pocket and hope for a good outcome in order to get reimbursed at some point in the future.

And that was the inspiration for Second Call Defense.

Second Call Defense Offers IMMEDIATE Legal and Financial Assistance

The easiest way to understand Second Call Defense membership is this: it bundles the NRA Self Defense Insurance from Lockton Affinity with immediate legal and financial assistance. It solves the "we can't pay you until you're found not guilty" problem by providing:

  • IMMEDIATE up-front cash for Criminal Defense, Bail Bond, Attorney Retainer, and Wage Compensation while you are in court so you are not paying out-of-pocket for expenses and never have anything to repay.
  • IMMEDIATE real-time assistance by legal defense experts, including a 24/7 Emergency Legal Hotline (answered by an actual lawyer not a call center), Local Attorney Referral within 24 Hours, and even On-Site Assistance in case the "stuff" really hits the fan and you need one-on-one help.
  • ONGOING training and education on legally exercising your Second Amendment rights while reducing your legal and financial risks.

Why IMMEDIATE Assistance Is So Important

If you’re involved in a self defense shooting, you will have to find a lawyer and you will have to pay for your criminal defense out of your own pocket. Insurance, even a spectacular policy such as NRA Self Defense Policy, can provide money only IF or AFTER you are cleared of all charges.

In addition, good lawyers usually don’t accept clients without cash in hand, so you may have to pay thousands of dollars for a retainer upfront and even more for other legal expenses. You may also have to pay thousands for a bond to get you out of jail so you can work with your attorney to prepare a legal defense. Then there are your routine household bills to be paid while you are in court. Real life doesn't stop just because you're having legal issues!

This is more than a financial problem. It could become an overwhelming legal threat. Because if you don’t have ready cash to pay for immediate representation and a bond to get you out of jail quickly, you could end up in serious trouble. This puts you at the mercy of the local justice system. And studies show that the longer you remain in jail without an attorney to defend you, the worse your legal outcome!

The prosecution may even purposely use this financial pressure to back you into a corner and force you to make a deal and plead guilty to a charge just so you can avoid financial destruction. In many areas, prosecutors don't really want to take the case to trial. They just want a deal to get the case over with quickly, regardless of the chaos they cause for your life.

This is why having immediate assistance is so important.

By combining the power of the NRA insurance coverage with immediate legal and financial assistance the moment you pull the trigger in self defense, you have a comprehensive, start-to-finish package of protection.

One phone call to the Second Call Defense members-only Emergency Legal Hotline will activate a Rapid Response Team who can render IMMEDIATE, REAL-TIME assistance. A Second Call Defense attorney will immediately answer your emergency call, assess your situation, guide you through your interactions with law enforcement, and help you exercise your rights and avoid saying or doing anything that will work against you in a court of law.

In addition, you will be referred to qualified legal representation in your area from a nationwide network of defense attorneys and a cash retainer will be wired, all within 24 hours. If you are charged with a crime and a judge sets bail, cash will be immediately wired to a bail bondsman. This can significantly improve your odds of being acquitted. If you have been injured or taken into custody, your emergency contacts will be immediately notified for you.

You will also be set up with a Personal Crisis Manager who will help you access the legal and financial resources to which you are entitled and guide you step-by-step until your legal issues are fully resolved. Second Call Defense can also coordinate expert witnesses for your trial, retrieve or replace your firearm if authorities refuse to return it, provide funds for psychological support, and even send in-person assistance if your situation gets out of control.

Which Is Right for You?

With the way things spin out of control in so many self defense cases, there is no doubt that you need a plan for getting legal help immediately after you defend yourself with a firearm. And that plan needs to include how you're going to pay for it because legal help isn't cheap.

The question is should you get the NRA Insurance or Second Call Defense? The answer depends on what you want. Do you simply want an insurance policy that will pay you back? As long as you're able to handle paying out-of-pocket for legal expenses and feel comfortable with handling the details of arranging for legal defense, setting up bail, and so on, then the NRA policy is perfect. It's a top-notch insurance program endorsed by the NRA and underwritten by Lloyds of London that SPECIFICALLY covers you for a self defense shooting as well as accidents.

On the other hand, if you're looking for something that gives you IMMEDIATE cash up-front as well as legal assistance the moment you pull the trigger, then you should consider Second Call Defense. It gives you the NRA Insurance PLUS a package of services. It's a ready-made legal plan that simplifies all the details to the point that all you have to do is make two phone calls: one to 911 and another to the Second Call Defense Legal Hotline. Everything from that point on is taken care of for you, from trigger to trial.

Click here for details on all the key benefits of Second Call Defense membership.