Join our Recruitment Team and help us protect gun owners!

protect gun ownersSecond Call Defense has a very simple mission: to protect gun owners. We help law-abiding gun owners exercise their Second Amendment rights responsibly and without fear of legal or financial reprisal. We do this by building and supporting a team of Recruiters in all 50 states.

There are two types of Recruiters: Individual Recruiters and business or organization Affiliate Recruiters. You can be one or the other, or both.

Individual Recruiters teach self defense and firearm classes, operate shooting ranges or firearm-related retail stores, or have regular one-on-one contact with large numbers of like-minded people and have the motivation to persuade gun owners to sign up as Second Call Defense members.

Affiliate Recruiters have highly ranked websites, a significant social media following, and/or large and active email lists which can be used to influence gun owners and drive online traffic to our website at Affiliates may be nonprofits or for profits.

Our nationwide team of recruiters …

  • Promote and enroll members for Second Call Defense protection.
  • Earn ongoing referral fees on every membership.
  • Help educate gun owners about the legal, responsible use of firearms.

Use the contact form below to request detailed information about how to apply to become one of our recruiters and start protecting gun owners.